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Xeltek SuperPro IS01 Fastest ISP programmer with ARM9 Runs on Linux O/S
SKU: Xeltek SuperPro IS01
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Product Details


Xeltek SuperPro IS01 Fastest ISP programmer with ARM9 Runs on Linux O/S

In-System (ISP) Programmer


  • Field proven industrial usage for volume in-system programming (ISP).
  • Ability to program concurrently (reduces programming time).
  • Fastest in-system programmer in the industry with a built-in ARM9 32Bit RISC MCU processor.
  • Programs devices with Vcc as low as 1.2V
  • CE and ROHS Compliant
  • IS01 is a portable, stand-alone, self-powered universal ISP programmer.
  • It is built with on-board Flash memory and a slot for SD card. Thousands of data files can be stored onto the card. Algorithms and projects can be downloaded onto the SD card and data files can be uploaded to a PC. SD card is organized with a FAT32 file system; therefore, data files on SD can be read and managed with a PC using a general-purpose SD card reader. Maximum number of projects and data files, which can be saved on the SD card is limited with only by the capacity of the SD card. Even a small 128MB size card can accommodate hundreds of files.
  • IS01 is a multi-function, Engineering and Industrial ISP programmer. Compact size, high program speed, and flexibility are well suited for all demanding applications. There are two operating modes available.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & Vista & XP 32/64 bit
    • Under PC-hosted mode, programmer is controlled by a PC via USB port.
    •  Under stand-alone mode, operation is performed via the keyboard, LCD, and an optional SD card without a PC attached. Project file(s) should be downloaded onto the SD card from a PC prior to Stand-alone operation.
  • IS01 is built with LCD display and Keypad for stand-alone operation. Customized BIOS and user interface will be provided.
  • ARM9 core, Linux OS, and SD card for storage of project/data in standard FAT32 file system compatible to a PC. 20 characters x 4 lines LCD display, 6 keys keypad, ATE interface for control,12V DC in for power supply.
  • An external AC power adapter will provide power to the programmer and target device. There will be no power applied from the target equipment.
  • Over-current protection circuit limits power to the target device.
  • Serial number is written within the built-in flash memory, which will be displayed when powered on.
  • Comes with one free device update request support unless there is no PCB testing (engineering labor) involved=


  • R&D applications: such as in-circuit testing and debugging.
  • Volume production application: devices may be programmed after the board is fully assembled. E.g. writing the serial number to an on-board serial device.
  • Field application: the unit comes with portability, stand-alone mode and mobile data storage media (SD card), which is suitable for field testing, debugging and data acquisition.
  • Third-party applications. User-friendly software interfaces (DLL and Virtual Com communication command set) and hardware interfaces ( ATE and USB) are provided to make it very easy for customers integrating SuperPro IS01 as a functional module into their systems. One example is the ICT equipment; with this integration user can finish in-circuit test and in-circuit programming in one step.

Hardware Specifications

  • ISP cable integrates I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232 interfaces.
  • VDD (0-5.5V /0.5A) and Vpp (0-15V / 0.2A) lines provided to power the target board and the target devices.
  • Cable driver circuit supports target devices of voltage level 1.5-5V and it is ESD protected.
  • USB 2.0 (high speed) interface for PC hosted mode and management of project files on SD card.
  • Built-in 20 Characters x 4 lines LCD and a 6-key keypad it for stand-alone operation. In stand-alone mode project files are stored on the SD card (up to 32GB). The number of the project files is  limited only by the capacity of the SD card.
    • ATE interface is built for easy external hardware control. 6 lines SEL0-SEL5 are for project selection (maximum 64 files); 2 command lines START and STOP; 3 STATUS lines PASS, FAIL and BUSY. All signals are optical-isolated.
  • A universal AC adapter of DC12V/2A is included for power supply.

Software Specifications

  • Supports almost all devices with ISP interface.
  • Supports Jam & Staple files from ACTEL & ALTERA; and Direct C files from ACTEL.
  • Programming speed is selectable (High, Normal and Low) for complicated applications such as different cable lengths, different target load characters
  • Provides dynamic buffer function. Application examples include device S/N, MAC address, frequency or transducer calibration etc.
  • Supported file format on SD Card: FAT16, FAT32.
  • Available functions for IP protection: Project security, SD security, batch control, administration management etc.
  • Provides API and DLL for easy integration of customers' systems such as ICT and ATE (optional).
  • SuperPro IS01 software allows multiple units working concurrently through USB HUB.

Warranty Support

  • Standard 2 Years Warranty: Included with purchase of SuperPro IS01. Covers device update and repair. Xeltek pays Fedex GND when shipping product back to customer for US only. It doesn't apply for international customers.
  • Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for two years from the date of purchase. For technical support, you may use ticketing system, live chat or forum; you may also give us a call during our business hours Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to

Optional Accessories

  • DLL support for third party applications
  • SD card for stand-alone operation
  • SuperPro IS01 Programmer with an ISP cable
  • AC adapter
  • Software CD
  • USB Cable
  • SD card for stand-alone operation
  • Parallel  Cable
Electrical Specifications & Others
Device Supported Under preparation
Packages Supported Under preparation
PC Interface USB 2.0
Stand-alone function Supported, SD Card
Electrical spec. of the AC adapter AC input 90V to 250V, 50/60Hz, DC output 12V/2A; power:W
Mechanical parameter Main unit: Size: 137*87*47 mm
Weight 0,75 lbs (0.330 Kg)
Shipping Weight approximately 2 lbs


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