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PLX-28152 PARALLAX 28152 Whats a Microcontroller Parts and Text, v1.9 (non soldering programmable kit)
SKU: PLX-28152
List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $49.95
Your Savings: $15.05


What's a Microcontroller? Introductory microcontroller programming tutorial introduces downloading PBASIC code to a BASIC Stamp, building a circuit on a breadboard, and simple circuits with LEDs and pushbuttons. What's a Microcontroller? is our most introductory BASIC Stamp tutorial for education by introducing the essentials of writing a downloading a simple program. It's a starting point for high-school age students, and could serve as a quick-read background reference for higher levels. The first chapters cover the BASIC Stamp software, and breadboarding projects with LEDs and buttons. Advanced projects show how to interface a manual and digital potentiometer, and use a photoresistor to activate servo movement (simulating a grocery store door). The text was written by Matt Gilliland (author of the Microcontroller Application Cookbook). The 124-page tutorial is available for purchase or download, and it may be duplicated for use in an educational environment. Quite easy for the beginner. Board of Education Full Kit (28102) is required to use this product. REGULAR PRICE $65.00

Product Details

28152, PARALLAX, Whats a Microcontroller Parts and Text

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