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PB-503 Proto-Board Design Workstation by Global Specialties
SKU: PB-503
List Price: $495.00
Our Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $349.99
Your Savings: $145.01
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  • Unconditional Life-time guarantee on all breadboarding sockets & 3-year warranty on all parts and workmanship.
  • Ideal for analog, digital and microprocessor circuits
  • New high & low buffered logic indicators
  • 8 channel logic monitor
  • New 8 selectable logic switches
  • Function Generator with continuously variable sine, square and triangle waveforms and TTL pulses
  • Triple output power supply offers fixed 5 VDC supply plus two variable outputs: ±1.3 to ±15VDC
  • Two Digital Pulsers
  • Audio experimentation speaker
  • New removable breadboard area and optional additional breadboard socket plates
  • Multiple features in one complete test instrument saves hundreds of dollars necessary for individual units

The PB-503 & PB-503C Protoboards® contain multiple features in one complete test instrument, saving hundreds of dollars needed for individual units. Not only will you save money, you will save space. The PB-503 design station takes up just over 1 square foot of desk space, while delivering the functionality of a full test bench of performance.

The PB-503C is a complete electronics workstation housed in a rugged carrying case, making it ideal for students or engineers who wish to take their lab with them. The case folds into the size of a large briefcase, making the lab portable. Convenient storage facilities are provided in the carrying case for manuals, for an optional Multimeter, and for the optional WK-1 wire jumper kit.

Key Features
The PB-503 and PB-503C are complete design workstations, including instrumentation, breadboarding, and a rugged DC regulated triple power supply. The new and improved PB-503 and PB-503C now feature a removable breadboard area and optional additional breadboard socket plates. The instrumentation features eight new individual selectable logic switches (offering settings of +5volts / +V and ground) with red (high) and green (low) buffered logic LED indicators; a 100KHz function generator with continuously variable sine, square, and triangle waveforms plus TTL pulse; a triple output power supply (2 variable and 1 fixed), two digital pulsers, audio experimentation speaker, SPDT switches, potentiometers and debounced pushbutton switches.

The breadboarding area has a total of 2520 uncommitted tie points, enough space for circuits containing 24 IC's of 14 pins or equivalent. The Breadboarding sockets have an unlimited lifetime guarantee. The power supply offers three DC regulated supplies, one fixed at +5VDC and two variable ±1.3 to ±15VDC. All three supplies are short-circuit protected, automatically current limiting the output to a safe level.

Exceptional combination of equipment makes the PB-503 and PB-503C a significant improvement and value over individual components, particularly for design engineers and high technology applications including laboratories, test benches, and classrooms. Whether you are an occasional designer or an everyday user, you will find the PB-503 and PB-503C your favorite piece of lab equipment.

Product Details

ProtoBoard® - Design Workstation Series


3-wire AC line input (117V, 60 Hz typical) with power-on indicator. Both Models are available in 220-240VAC@50Hz
Fixed DC output: +5V@1.0A, ripple <5mV.
Variable DC output: +1.3 V to +15V@0.5A, ripple <5mV.
Variable DC output: -1.3V to -15V @ 0.5A, ripple <5mV.

Frequency Range: 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz in six ranges.
Output voltage: 0 to ±10V (20Vp-p).
Output Impedance: 600 ohms (except TTL).
Output current: 10mA maximum, short circuit protected.
Output waveforms: sine, square, triangle, TTL.
Sine wave: distortion <3% (10Hz to 100kHz).
TTL pulse: rise and fall time <25 nS. drive to 10 TTL loads.
Square wave: rise and fall time <1.5µS

8 LED's, active high, 1.4 volt (nominal) threshold, inputs protected to ±20 volts.

Two pushbutton-operated, open-collector output pulsers, each with one normally-open, one normally closed output. Each output can sink up to 250 mA.

One 1 K ohm, one 10 K ohm, all leads available and uncommitted.

Two BNC connectors, pin available and uncommitted, shell connected to ground.

Two SPDT slide switches, all leads available and uncommitted. 8-pole DIP switch: one side of all eight switches connected and switchable to +5V or ground, other side of all eight switches separate, available, and uncommitted.

SPEAKER: 0.25W, 8 ohms

Three UBS-100 sockets with 840 tie-points each for a total of 2520 uncommitted tie-points. Two QT-59B Bus strips internally connected to power and ground. Fifty tie-points each for +5V, +V,=15 V and ground.

High impact molded case.

PB-503: 7 lbs;
PB-503C: 7 lbs, 13 oz.

PB-503: 6.5" H x 16" W x 11.5" D
PB-503C with case: 14" H x 19" W x 7" D

PB-503 Desktop:
P/N 104-5030........$299.95
PB-503C Portable:
P/N 104-5031........$349.95
Additional Breadboard Socket Plates:
P/N 325-1402........$49.95

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